Exploring PLUG

Exploring PLUG

Years ago I went on a long road of working on a project that would be created from scratch. All of the things I love. Science fiction, vehicles, robots, industrial design, film and exploring art. I have worked on many projects, all of them teaching me something different. This project would be fun,  creative and more importantly challenging. That doesn't mean it would not take endless hours and hard work, but it would be something I would be personally passionate about. A journey for myself. Along that journey friends and people would help me bring this project into fruition, as I also learned how to surround myself with the right people. Building props, creating designs and filming actions scenes in the salt flats would all be worth the effort. It was a hard journey, but nothing is ever simple when passion and care drives you. We are never satisfied as artists or artisans. Striving is part of the journey we face, the struggles build character and make us better sculptors, better carpenters...etc.
Saturday October 25 at the Gnomon School of Visual Arts we will present PLUG. If you're in the area please come by, see the screening  and say hi. We will have several talks about making the short film and a gallery showing of art and props that were made.

In the meantime enjoy some pics and the plug trailers.  And stay tuned for the short film coming online in few days! See you soon, on the next Art Explorer's adventure...

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  1. You got some pictures with me in them! Awesome! Can't wait to see this.