Different Paths

I grew up in a family who cowboys in the Big Bend desert area. Going back several generations horses , saddles and lariats have been the tools of the trade. My grandfather was quite the rancher along with his brothers and most of my fathers side of the family. We love horses and the whole cowboy tradition of the working horse and his regalia. I learned to ride a horse at a very early age, with some guidance from my fathers uncles. I love horses. I think the horse, as an art subject, is pure beauty and a never ending subject to study. There is no feeling like being on the back of a horse. It's good Medicine.

One day when I was visiting my brother  he asked, "why did you lose the sudden interest in horse riding growing up? I've never understood". A subject that was within myself a personal battle but had a simple answer. Art. I had a passion for drawing. Although I loved riding, I'd rather stay home and draw. I had a love for horse riding and still do, more now than growing up but Id rather draw. My brother had the same conflict. He chose the horse and I a pencil.

But paths we both chose wasn't the right or wrong answer for either of us. We all do sacrifice but at the end we are doing what we both love and continue to do so. Years ago I helped my brother saddle a young mare for the first time. I payed attention to details, took notes and observed. I was very proud to see my younger brother work. His love for riding is more than a hobby its a passion. I could see it in his eyes. His sureness and comfort was admirable, always learning something new everyday. Art like any other thing is a never ending process, with horses it's no different

His passion for horses led to leather smithing (I'm waiting for my saddle... ahem) and finally to his career as a farrier. All very similar to how an artist would go from drawing to painting and even to sculpture. He studied and apprenticed under a master farrier to became an excellent  farrier himself He gathered the tools of his trade for trimming hooves, hammers and a shoeing anvil, that I had no idea was different than a blacksmiths anvil. I even had no idea there was such a thing as 'corrective' shoeing. I occasionally accompany him to watch him work and be the "hand me that tool guy" or "hold this file", I have no problem, its all a small documentary for me, (VYLE we need to talk ) all entertainment, when the heat allows you to enjoy the show. Shoeing is hard work, but he loves it and I can tell by the work he does. Seeing him fire up the forge and the cliche of the nails in his mouth is a very cool to me. Sparks flying off the anvil, who doesn't like that? He prides himself on his work. His art. His eye keen to detail. How a horse walks, how he stands all details that he carefully studies individually and most importantly with care and love. This is his art , his passion.
Passions we both love, art and horses. A decision led us on completely different paths, but our passions keep fueling what we love. He still draws, I still ride, we both now teach each other, not a bad deal at the end of the day.

Downwind run

Very happy to start a new project focused on something directed outward. Enough monitor sun tan.

I grew up sailing. Ever since I was around 6 in the 70's, I began sailing on optimists, ramping up to 420's, cruising and racing for years with my dad between Gibraltar and Capri, then, during my rebel years away from my father, windsurfing all over the Mediterranean.
For many years I abandoned that passion which truly was a part of me: to ambition, dreams of recognition and pure excitement. I never thought that not fulfilling that passion would take a toll on me, but it did.
Many years later, my newly married wife and I decided to move to Marina Del Rey in California. As I was having trouble dealing with Father's passing away, my wife and I began long walks around the Marina, which helped me rekindle with my lost love of gliding on the water.

I now again have a true dream, to be back on the water, and find the things that truly filled me with happiness: winds in the sails, dolphins and loved ones as companions, the camaraderie of preparing a hot soup before taking my watch as the sun disappears behind the horizon, and our magnificent galaxy above my head. Long life to Art Explorers! Let the adventure begin.

First "big cat" experience

The blog debuts today and we all have lots of things we want to get on it through out our busy days. I thought I would kick it off with a quick sketch of a bobcat. I have a giant infatuation with predators in the animal kingdom. Mostly the relationship with their prey, thanks to the old shows of "Mutual of Omahas Wild Kingdom." The determination of a predator to eat everyday is a tough life. Perseverance and determination are keys. (A big lesson to those wanting a job in the art world) . Not every hunt is successful and there are lots and lots of disappointments (again applies to art jobs), but the will to keep alive and hunger drives them or else the results are no good. I'm sketching a bobcat (Lynx rufus) as my sketch warm up today. I usually do a couple a day and also between work. I try to stay loose and let "happy accidents" occur here in sketching as well.
The bobcat was my first big cat experience as a kid. We were on a family trip and we were about to approach Fort Davis, TX when all of a sudden a deer (doe) crossed the road at a sprint pace about 2 seconds later a young deer also followed. Two more seconds behind, a bobcat. I can still see it in my head. All of this happened in a flash. We were all excited and sad, but that's Nature, both beautiful and cruel, We never knew the outcome but those kinds of "Mutual of Omaha" moments happen rarely and I consider them a gift!
Thanks for your time and visiting our blog, :)

Welcome to Art Explorers!!

Hi and welcome to Art Explorers! This is an idea we have had in our heads for quite some time now, years to be honest, but never had executed. Throughout our careers in the art industry, locked in dark studios with looming deadlines over our heads one thing always seemed to have helped, as a type of medicine, is our passions. Whether it was David flying thru the skies out of an airplane, skydiving or Manny running thru the woods watching his trained birds of prey do what they do, or Thierry skateboarding on concrete, rivers and mountains... the outdoors have always been good medicine to us. Its something that we are very passionate about as well. "One blade sharpens another," we always say. Sometimes its harder said than done, but Nature has always been there to help.
What we want to share on this blog with all of you is more than just our artwork, but our passion for nature, animals, tools, photos, the outdoors... etc. They are all things we depend on to fuel our creativity and most importantly our ART!!!
We have met very many great people throughout our travels around the world as a team or individually. Some things apply directly to our art, others influence and teach us, or just help us stay inspired. We want to share with you all that we have learned and acquired in hopes it will spark something in your life like it did ours. Whether it's a place, an object, adventure or a simple advice we want to share. That way  maybe we can be one part of the equation that together with you, will "sharpen" each other!

"Strength and Honor"
MANu, VYLE and barontieri