First "big cat" experience

The blog debuts today and we all have lots of things we want to get on it through out our busy days. I thought I would kick it off with a quick sketch of a bobcat. I have a giant infatuation with predators in the animal kingdom. Mostly the relationship with their prey, thanks to the old shows of "Mutual of Omahas Wild Kingdom." The determination of a predator to eat everyday is a tough life. Perseverance and determination are keys. (A big lesson to those wanting a job in the art world) . Not every hunt is successful and there are lots and lots of disappointments (again applies to art jobs), but the will to keep alive and hunger drives them or else the results are no good. I'm sketching a bobcat (Lynx rufus) as my sketch warm up today. I usually do a couple a day and also between work. I try to stay loose and let "happy accidents" occur here in sketching as well.
The bobcat was my first big cat experience as a kid. We were on a family trip and we were about to approach Fort Davis, TX when all of a sudden a deer (doe) crossed the road at a sprint pace about 2 seconds later a young deer also followed. Two more seconds behind, a bobcat. I can still see it in my head. All of this happened in a flash. We were all excited and sad, but that's Nature, both beautiful and cruel, We never knew the outcome but those kinds of "Mutual of Omaha" moments happen rarely and I consider them a gift!
Thanks for your time and visiting our blog, :)

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  1. Manny…..i really enjoy your 'big cat' stuff/sketches you have been doing…..lots of power and life!!!