Downwind run

Very happy to start a new project focused on something directed outward. Enough monitor sun tan.

I grew up sailing. Ever since I was around 6 in the 70's, I began sailing on optimists, ramping up to 420's, cruising and racing for years with my dad between Gibraltar and Capri, then, during my rebel years away from my father, windsurfing all over the Mediterranean.
For many years I abandoned that passion which truly was a part of me: to ambition, dreams of recognition and pure excitement. I never thought that not fulfilling that passion would take a toll on me, but it did.
Many years later, my newly married wife and I decided to move to Marina Del Rey in California. As I was having trouble dealing with Father's passing away, my wife and I began long walks around the Marina, which helped me rekindle with my lost love of gliding on the water.

I now again have a true dream, to be back on the water, and find the things that truly filled me with happiness: winds in the sails, dolphins and loved ones as companions, the camaraderie of preparing a hot soup before taking my watch as the sun disappears behind the horizon, and our magnificent galaxy above my head. Long life to Art Explorers! Let the adventure begin.

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