Jean Giraud "MOEBIUS" 1938-2012

Two years ago today the world lost an amazing French artist. His name was Jean Giraud also known under his pseudonym as Moebius. He was a major influence to three of us here at Art Explorers. One of many things that brought us together as friends. Today we take time to remember this amazing influential man, whom we all here agree is a hero to us all.
"Growing up reading super hero comic books I never thought that a "western" comic book would surpass my favorites by leaps and bounds. This "Blueberry" cowboy archetype just floored me and I was completely taken. The cinematography and artistry of the book was just mindblowing. His love for the genre is demonstrated in his work. I was fortunate enough to have spent some time with Moebius and even dinner. There I learned his love for the Southwest desert and his love of the western and Native American ways. I could go on writing about the conversations but that is for another time. For now it is a giant thank you. For filling a young boys head with beautifully drawn images that will forever influence my love for sequential art and amazing adventures.


"John Difoolle monde d'Edena and especially Blueberry had a major influence on my life as a kid and incidentally later as an artist. The creativity, humor and craftsmanship behind those incredible stories expanded my imagination and motivated me to draw more and more. Thank you so much Mr. Giraud!"


"Growing up, Moebius has always been the perfect example of someone who could do a job, and also keep his artistic integrity. On top of that his attraction and curiosity towards all genre and styles still stays unequaled. As an adult I thoroughly enjoyed his interviews by Numa Sadul, it taught me so much about how to grow up and the pitfalls to be careful about as an artist. As a designer, the most personal satisfaction I have ever had, was to work on two sequel projects in some ways linked to my hero, Prometheus and Tron. I was lucky enough to browse through some of his original drawings shared by Steven Lisberger, and was blown away by the simplicity and perfection of his lines. I am truly sad never having met him, there are many things I would have loved to ask him."


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