Chauvet Cave Replicated

I've always been fascinated with the Chauvet Cave. I think it speaks wonders for the art world. Especially those of us that love history, animals and art. I have never visited nor is it easy to get a tour.  I think it's even closed to the public. The ancient site has been wonderfully protected and preserved. One particular detail that comes as an observation is the artists using the contours and shaped of the natural rock to guide your eye and help in creating the art. The same way one looks in the clouds to make out distinct figures. Such nice motion depicted in the prehistoric art, almost animated.
It has just been announced that a couple of kilometers away from the actual cave, a replica has been built for public viewing. It took eight years to create. Made from huge metal scaffolding, limestone reproduced from concrete.  Stalagmites and stalactites remade in resin.
Even the temperature has been set to match that of the original. Cool to go and check it out. Would have been great to have helped with the building of this replica.
On a different but similar note, I'm always bringing rocks, driftwood and even buying certain slate tiles at home improvement stores  because I see wonderful shapes to "paint out."

Below is an example from myself and Thierry Doizon from about 14 years ago (more HERE). I still rummage thru my garage and find the towers of tiles with some awesome images of griffons, bisons and even one with a great western classic shootout. One day I'll get to them.Go search and create!
Expedition Art

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  1. I'll probably go visit the replica in September as my bro lives in Ardeche, great souvenirs here Manny :)