Childhood casse-tete

Hi explorers of all horizons,
It's such a pleasure to start a new project with some old friends that i had to find some free time to post something this WE despite the overtime at Ubisoft during this E3 madness! What a great idea to present some personal works and conversations outside of our usual - more confined - Concept Art realm, so thank you KristyManu and Vyle :-)
I grew up in the beautiful island of Madagascar, living mostly outside, playing with my brother and friends, we were living amazing adventures everywhere, either on land, beach or sea and probably a lot in our heads too. From as far as i can recall, drawing has been a big part of my life, but growing up and becoming a Concept Designer today was just a logical evolution after my childhood "traumas".
I think it all started mainly because of 2 thing; Lego© and spearguns. With the family, we spent all our weekends in Foulpointe, i remember being so intensely impressed by the local Malagasy kids who had homemade wooden spear-guns and were fishing in the reefs nearby. It became an obsession, i needed to make one myself but i never perfectly understood how they designed their trigger mechanisms (about 8 years old an no internet, DIY engineering isn't that easy), after drawing hundreds of triggers and trying different prototypes made out of planks, nails and tire tubes,  it ended up being... a big fail! Yes my spearguns never worked well but at least it was fun to try. So here is an homage to these ingenious kids, thanks for sparking the love of problem-solving and design!
Concerning Legos, it's another story but not for now...

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