KÜHL Ryder Pants Product Review

Outdoors to me is a very important asset in my life. Not only does it help me keep my sanity but I'm also very passionate about exploring, hiking , camping and most of all Falconry! Falconry is the ancient sport of hunting with a trained wild raptor. During the winter months ,almost everyday, I'm out with my redtail hawk traversing the central Texas woods. My hawk always leads the way, I have no control where she flies to and what she chases, so it's literally an adventure every time out.  Those of you that have been out with the hawk and I know what I'm talking about. I'm like a Sasquatch tearing thru vines, running thru creeks, jumping and climbing! It's all part of the sport. So I push my equipment pretty hard. Most hunting boots, briar clothes... etc. isn't meant to be used everyday thru a season, so I find out pretty quick what lasts and what doesn't. Last season I put a pair of KÜHL RYDR pants thru a heck of a season and test. They held up great and super comfortable.
The first feature I love is the gussetted crotch that stitched all the way to the knee. Kneeling is super comfortable and not a pain. The material they have used has a little bit of stretch and is tough as well. Every photographer knows the positions one has to get into to get those special shots, these pants allow that! Climbing when I have needed to in the field was not hendered by pants. They have full range of motion when I had to boulder and tough.  

The second feature is the anatomical cut and stitched knee. I have to say that's what caught my eye right off the bat. One look at these pants and you realize they are not the straight unnatural look of normal every day jeans. Again squatting to take a picture or kneeling on the ground to tend to my hawk is comfortable and easy.  The fit is there naturally with way your body bends. There is no tension on the thighs, no tugging or fighting with trying to get comfortable. The freedom of movement in the pants is awesome! The stitching is doubled throughout the construction of the pants. The pockets are reinforced at the high wear areas as well as the bottom cuffs for durability . There is also a pocket on the right leg which I think is for a cell phone or knife.

The toughness of the RYDER pants have held up in the field no problem. These pants were probably not made for running thru briars or even bouldering but they held up really nice. As with briar terrain thorns will win in the end, so I do wear briar snake chaps if it's necessary, but the times I didn't have my chaps, they held up great. Nothing is indestructible and wear will happen, but these pants have held their own against the elements. I highly recommend them for your next hiking and camping adventure. They're at home in the outdoors

KÜHL has recently released what they claim is their toughest fabric pants called The Law, I cannot wait to get a pair. The winter is past us as I write this entry, so I settled for their Ambush Cargo shorts which I'm happy with as well. I can tell this company is passionate about innovation and with their design. My colleagues and I are all about design and usability. What I love about the company is they will continue to innovate. KÜHL seems to strive for a good product and I'm now a happy customer. I'm heading to Africa in a couple of months to do some volunteer work in the field with wildlife, these KHÜL RYDER pants are coming with me! 
Stay safe and make your own path.


  1. What color are the pants in the double picture? Thanks

  2. What color are the pants in the double picture? Thanks