Studio Denizens

I was asked to take a couple photos of some of the items that I keep in my studio that make me happy as I work.  Some I've collected over the years, others have been given to my by friends and family.  Since I love all things equine, and could wax poetic about that subject for the next hundred years, I naturally have many horse related items.  Here is a small sample--a dear acquaintance of mine has labeled this one 'The Shrine'.  Yes, that is an authentic Mr. Ed hand puppet from the 1960's.

Here are some other items on a bulletin board -- I have a definite penchant for the color blue... and some other items atop a file cabinet, some from nature, some just playful, including a plastic jackalope amidst the anatomy models, beetle, griffin, and alligator skull.

It would be neat to see what sort of stuff other folk keep around!

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