Terryl Whitlatch joins Art Explorers

It is with great honor and admiration that we proudly announce our newest Art Explorers team member, the incredibly talented Terryl Whitlatch. From drawing mustangs to endless conversations of winged raptors, Terryl was too much of a great fit not to have her with us. Terryl and I can spend endless hours discussing the flights of merlins down to the ways pangolins walk. Her love for drawing and all things wild have led to us being great friends.
Terryl has worked on many projects from Disney's Brother Bear to Star Wars. Her amazing knowledge of animals and creature designs are a well known. She is a scientific and academically trained creature designer and concept artist. Combining in-depth knowledge of zoology and animal anatomy with her incredible illustration skills.
Terryl has illustrated several books including the amazing "Animals Real and Imagined" available at Design Studio Press. I am excited to have her on board to share her knowledge, skills and adventures. We are very honored to have you on board Terryl! Welcome!
Thank you all for the kind messages on the blog , we promise more posts, David, Thierry and myself have been swamped and Kristy is doing her best to round us up. We have some great announcements soon and hope to bring you all more. Including guest interviews and upcoming events.
From all of us at Art Explorers thanks!
Enjoy some Terryl Whitlatch art...

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  1. Thanks so much for kind words and endorsement, Manny and David--I'm blushing! Animals have done so much for me, and anything I can do to help them would be an honor.