Welcome to Art Explorers!!

Hi and welcome to Art Explorers! This is an idea we have had in our heads for quite some time now, years to be honest, but never had executed. Throughout our careers in the art industry, locked in dark studios with looming deadlines over our heads one thing always seemed to have helped, as a type of medicine, is our passions. Whether it was David flying thru the skies out of an airplane, skydiving or Manny running thru the woods watching his trained birds of prey do what they do, or Thierry skateboarding on concrete, rivers and mountains... the outdoors have always been good medicine to us. Its something that we are very passionate about as well. "One blade sharpens another," we always say. Sometimes its harder said than done, but Nature has always been there to help.
What we want to share on this blog with all of you is more than just our artwork, but our passion for nature, animals, tools, photos, the outdoors... etc. They are all things we depend on to fuel our creativity and most importantly our ART!!!
We have met very many great people throughout our travels around the world as a team or individually. Some things apply directly to our art, others influence and teach us, or just help us stay inspired. We want to share with you all that we have learned and acquired in hopes it will spark something in your life like it did ours. Whether it's a place, an object, adventure or a simple advice we want to share. That way  maybe we can be one part of the equation that together with you, will "sharpen" each other!

"Strength and Honor"
MANu, VYLE and barontieri 


  1. MANu, I followed the link that you posted on my Legendeer page. It seems that this is very closely aligned with what I have already started. You can get more information at, or join the Facebook group:
    Best of luck with your outings. Hope to see you in the Legendeer activities, as well.

  2. Sterling, thank you for the comment. I dont think it was me that posted on your site but I like it! :) Best of luck to you! Cheers