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I hope everyone has enjoyed the direction of our Art Explorers Blog. I am about to go on a pretty amazing trek and was resupplying my art bag and thought I would share what I carry as far as art supplies. These supplies are what I take with me to zoos, out on a hike, travel and it's always usually in my vehicle.

All of the things pictured above are packed inside an Oakley laptop bag that I've been using for years. I'm actually looking into a new bag that seems like it will work, but for now its the same bag.                                                              

The art supplies I carry are the following:
China Marker black and white. I used these years ago when I was animating traditionally and have been since. The big size of the lead stops the drawing of detail and one can focus on shape and mass. The white china marker I also use to highlight drawing on the brown paper I like to draw on.

Copic Markers:
I like to carry the earth tones and a grey marker to do quick gestures and layouts. I like to draw using just markers as well. The drawing of the cowgirl was from a horse clinic and was drawn using a marker. I can afterwards tighten my rough using a darker marker or a brush pen. I carry a couple of marker refills in my bag as well. Usually a grey and a sand color.
Caran d'Ache supra color soft water color pencil. I love these pencils. I usually use the white pencil to highlight on my marker drawings when I'm done.   

Faber Castell brush pens. Any brush pen will do, I just like the variety of colors they carry. I actually do an alteration to the tips on most of them. I get my leatherman scissors and actually cut the brush tip to fray it. I like the variety I get in the line work. I like  to turn the pen as I draw and get a variety of lines or a repetitive pattern. I'll do a video tutorial soon and explain. The horse is an example of the lines one can get with this frayed tip. I do carry unfrayed ones as well :)

Bic Ballpoint Pen. Old reliable. Its waterproof, its very inexpensive, its fun and I've been doodling with these since high school.

Pentel Brush Pen. A great pen that I recommend playing with. Its brush tip is great for sketching and the variety of brush lines it can make is beautiful. The only downside is its not waterproof. I have refilled and experimented using different waterproof inks. The Rapidiograph ink seems to work the best and hasn't clogged yet. Unclogging these brushes can be a task so be careful if trying other inks in the tube. The lioness was drawn with the Pentel brush pen, the thick Copic marker and the handy correction fluid pen.
Correction fluid pens are great. My studio mate David Levy was responsible for the influence. I actually call the brand I use "the Levy White."

Pentel Waterbrush. This is great to carry and use with watercolor pencils and portable watercolor kits. I have also used them with a drop of ink in them and they're great. Just be aware and dont let the brush sit too long or it will clog and again not fun.

The water color kit I use is this Koi Kit by Sakura. A good variety of colors and Sakura is a reputable company. The colors are nice and bright. The kit opens up and has a thumb ring which helps one keep the watercolor palette easy to hold and handle.

Pencils of course. I try a variety and have been happy with Derwent so far. I found a company that makes "Cedar" natural pencils and Like them as well. ( They smell great ran thru an electric  sharpener.) Blackwing pencils of course are great. I also use Col Erase pencils, usually blue and crimson red.  Speaking of sharpeners heres what I recommend.

I found this KUM long point sharpener and like it a lot. Im weird that I love the lead to be out quite a bit, just my preference. That's the main reason my main sharpener is a knife. (The whittling technique can't be beaten) But this sharpener does do a good job.

And there's the Leatherman. Everybody should have one of these. I use the knife and file on it to help sharpen in the field all the time. The file is two sided and the rough file works great. This tool has helped me out millions of times but that's a different post. If your going to buy a multi tool spend the money on a good quality one, it is well worth it believe me. 

The Sign Pen. One of my favorite pens ever! If you have never drawn with one go get one!!! Pentel Sign Pen. My fellow Art Explorer, Thierry Doizon introduced it to me when we shared a studio together years ago. The feel of it on paper is great!  There is also a flexible tip one as well. Super flexible and can give you those great thick and thin lines. I prefer the original tip, looks a bit like rice soaked in black ink. The Rhino is drawn with the sign pen and brush pen shadows. Only downside. Not waterproof :( sigh!

The animal below is the reason for my upcoming journey. They are suffering in numbers due to them being slaughtered for their horns. Going on quite the "Art Explorers Adventure". I will keep all you posted on the journey and hope to post while there.  Thank you Cabelas and Kuhl for your awesome sponsorship!

Now its your turn! Tell us what you have in your Art packs!!! Any certain bag you like? Certain supplies? Any art packing secrets? Please share them with us! We are always looking for the perfect art bag between all of us we will find it!!!
Best to you all

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