While in Africa

Hi all. I'm not sure how to begin this post.  I'm writing this from the bush in Africa and it's been a long day. A day that I am happy to partake in but also a day that makes me a bit confused and sad. I had my first on hands experience with an incredible group of wildlife vetenarians. On this assignment we are working with rhinos. Taking blood samples, DNA and dehorning. Its incredibly sad to me that we have to go to these extremes. These incredible animals are poached for their horns. These horns supposedly have medicinal properties. Not true. They're pretty much made out of the same thing our fingernails are made out of.  The experience has been incredible and eye opening. These animals do not deserve what is happening to them. They are just one of many species that are struggling. I always have hope.
Riding in the back of the truck enjoying the view. 
A very early art explorer. Hope we can follow in their footsteps. This is at a wonderful lion and cheetah park ran by a friend. One of the best things about trips like this is the bond and family that is formed. Great people who I will introduce to you all with time. My camera is filled with pictures and footage that I will share as soon as I can upload them. At the moment these are just phone pics. 
This is Erik. One of the last rhinos of that day. We had a hard time finding him in fact it was almost all day. It turned out he was near our camp all along.  After the vets were done with him he wandered closer our camp as he grazed.  I took advantage and grabbed my sketchbook. It was like he knew he was modeling. He came about 5 meters from me ate and then left. I ended up high on a rock as he got closer.  I drew the horn and felt sad that it's come to this so that they can live. I will report again soon. Internet is usually not available and warthogs are FAST! :)

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