Hi everyone! MANu here blogging from Zimbabwe. I have seen so much in preparation for our assignment.  I thought I would share a visit to a beautiful sanctuary that hold a very special little guy. Like many sanctuaries it is home to lions, cheetahs, giraffes and several of Africa's well known species, but this private sanctuary is home to a little preemie elephant named Moyo. He was found out in the bush alone. This little elephant has quite the survival story and is now in good hands. He was the last animal that we visited on the private sanctuary tour. He now is actually the weight and size that he normally would be as a newborn so I can't imagine how much smaller he was! He steals peoples hearts immediately. He is very inquisitive, playful and very handsome. I did get to manage to do some sketches and thought I would share them here. We leave out on assignment tommorrow. I will try and post if I can. Get out and draw! You will appreciate it! 
This is Pickle. He was hand reared and imprinted. Acts very much like a dog, loves his belly scratched. 
My ballpoint pen sketch of Moyo. He is really learning how to use that trunk more and more each day. 
quick sketch of a young male lion
Can anyone guess what this animal is? I will post videos of it when I can.
Here, this big boy is staring at Pickle the warthog. So close yet so far away.
I took this pic after he snatched my iPhone. He luckily couldn't get it thru the fence. Quick hands :)

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  1. Hey Manny I hope you are having a blast, I'm so jealous :)
    Enjoy the stay and give a hug to all those animals for me!